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11-21-2012, 12:14 PM
On one hand, it would definately be nice to have a new KDF ships. On the other, doing another Raptor or Attack Ship would just be yet another tac-DHC platform like the existing BoPs, Raptors, or Battlecruisers. Ho Hum.

Why not some kind of sci ship?

We've no idea what the Letheans build, but given how nasty they're implied to be I can see them doing some science-laden 'cruel' ship. Or a Gorn ship, since there are Lvl50 Orion (via Fleet) and Nausicaan ships, but nothing Gorn. Or the Ferasans, with their Caitan Diaspora DOFF storyline, are implied to be a race of augments, and as such do have a scientific bent. Just a couple of possibilities. But something other than merely More Dakka would be much more interesting and add more bredth to the fleet roster.