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11-21-2012, 12:29 PM
1. Always use Right Click with "P" open- Certain actions that can be performed will try to activate with left click. With the Lock Tray "unchecked" and using right click for everything you should always be able to move it.

2. I have all my fore and aft weapons in a hidden bar due to the fact i have them highlighted in green(auto fire-right click in place to set-like your row 1 box 3 looks) Although after Season 7 for some of my ships I had to bring the Weapons Box back to my HUD in order to set them on auto fire(green bordered slot). Once I tag a target and hit space bar once, all weapons auto fire and continue to after cool downs so no need to use "all weapons fire". Can use for other mufti-tasking skills

3. If you don't want to do #2 "check" the Lock Tray once you have your skills where you want them that way if you are off the fire all button and hitting the cycle button nothing will move.

4. If you change your BOFFs in any way your skills will move. i.e. move from second slot on ship to third slot; moving the same BOFF to another ship and not putting back into the same exact position they were in on original ship. Found it easier to have set BOFFs for each ship - less rearranging of skills in Tray. The tray is set to the current configuration of the ship and inventory when placed on tray slot: any change to location of BOFF or consumable changes location in tray because the link between that slot and skill/consumable has been lost

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