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The current "hybrid" Cruiser/Science vessels (Odyssey/Bortasqu' and Vesta) suggest a need for a) A science hybrid KDF answer to Vesta, and b) both factions to eventually receive a multi-role escort - which this OP is focused on.

At this point, the Federation ships are both Starfleet-only and New, not rehashes and NOT species specific. I personally would prefer a faster delivery time on KDF answers to this, so I am not against using existing models as the base, but I'm guessing we would see a new ship filling the science-hybrid and escort-hybrid multi-role ships eventually.

Yes, I want a multi-role Qin, but I'm expecting a multi-role flight-deck cruiser to answer back to the Vesta and a multi-role BoP based on the K'Vort.

Not my cup of tea, I badly want more options for my Fleet Qin/Birok kitbash (so I can happily stop using my Krenn), but what can you do.
Why does everything the klingons get have to be rehashed versions of the older stuff? Why can't they get something new, or at least updated. Maybe a new gorn ship, they seem to be the resident klingon science people, err reptiles. I'd just like to get a klingon ship that's not brown, green or I have to sell my first born to acquire

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