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11-21-2012, 11:35 AM
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It's a FED ship which will be piloted by FED players, so even if the Andorian Ship gets ridiculously superiour stats and a 10-console layout like the last additions to c-store/steam it will still be (in most cases) easy prey. A large part of the FED-playerbase seems to think that slapping beam arrays on their ships is the best build this game has to offer.
Not all of them. two and a half years ago I saw on the engineering reports that an andorian ship wasi n the works. Now I've always liked Andorians, and hated Vulcans, so i rolled an Andorian Tactical toon. So I'm quite happy.

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It's mind-boggling how many beam Vestas and Steamrunners are out there ...
I know what you mean, one of my mates whose been playing longer than me was doing that and complaining how squishy it was! He also didn't seewhy it would be so powerful as I was complaining about.
So I sat him down explained Boff powers and DHC 101. Now his game has been upped and he's quite surprised a the abbillity of this beast.