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11-21-2012, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I presume these figures include Plasma Burn DOTs?
Silly Borticus, I wrote "includes burn" in the post.

The log analyzer I'm using throws both the burn and the kinetic of plasma torpedoes into the same bin. The burn from the pulse cannons was tallied separately but I threw it into the pulse cannon figure (not that it made much difference).

Worth pointing out that I was only looking at hull damage. If you include shield damage (which I generally don't because my carrier generally turns OFF the shields of whatever I'm fighting), it's slightly more even. The Scorpions apparently run more power to their gun than the To'duj do, scoring 222 shield+hull DPS to the To'duj's 170 with pulse cannons alone. But they still don't pass the To'duj fighters in total damage which is kind of a problem considering one costs 5K credits and the other costs 10K dilithium and 30 doffs...

But here's the log if you'd like to pore over it. No doubt you folks have some tools of your own for this sort of thing. I'd be interested to see your comments if you come to any.