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The aux DHC should have some sort of usage bonus beyond where it pulls power from. It doesn't, which is sad considering the fact that it was an advertised feature. Also, you may want to consider limiting the breachy thing. If you weren't such a know-it-all this might have actually turned into a conversation, heaven forbid.
I run on high Aux with then, it seems they do better that my handicapped beam weapons since they are being run at about the same power levels.

Point of the Aux DHC is that it does not makes the power balancing even more of a issue, in order for Science ships to work they have to run on high Aux so they cannot run on high Aux, high Shields and high Weapons so its Weapons that will not run on high since Shields have to be run on high due to Science ships lacking the Hull of cruisers and the speed (defense) of escorts.

Really, it does not drain power from weapons meaning its not weapon power that is being drained when its being fired, its not a -10 to weapons when you are using it along with your other energy weapons.

Why the double quotes? Surely you aren't butt-stabbed over a contrary opinion?
Over what? I know it cannot do the DPS of a escort can even if the Aux DHCs can do burst damage pretty well but sustainable DPS? not really ... works on high Aux builds because it gets everything from it without a cost as run on High Aux means you can forget about weapon power and its either Torpedo boats build or very specialized support builds that do that.

Do you have a Vesta tac, or is this all conjecture? (rhetorical question)

Yes, the Vesta TACTICAL stock shields DO suck when flown anywhere near like a TACTICAL ship should be flown. I've corrected that issue though, so all is good, for me at least.
I have the pack but the modifier is the same for all hulls.

This is not conjecture as the modifier is on the description, Science ships always had the highest Shield modifiers and as I said, what escorts get is high depend because they are faster (speed=defense, faster you go the higher is the defense) and of course if you fly a Vesta, any Vesta as if its a Escort its not going to work, even the Escorts have more hull that a Science ship.

And of course the "stock shields" suck, they are common Shield Array Mk X, stock equipment is just there and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Now put a M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII on it, due to the modifier its by the ship alone 11k, then we have skills and I will not be surprised if people can get it to over 15k shields.

The same applies to the Tactical Odyssey, even if the description says so its still deep down the ship type, a Odyssey is always a Cruiser and a Vesta is always a science ship, the only thing you get is a slightly different console arrangement and a slightly different bonus power.

In the Tactical Vesta you just get 4 Tactical Console slots and +5 to weapons/ +10 to aux that is pretty underwhelming compared to other Escorts if you try to fly it as such.

Happy Thanksgiving...
To you as well

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