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11-21-2012, 11:59 AM
it is pretty sad. on my tactical, I had 6 advanced peregrine fighters attacking a tactical cube while I kited it away from the group (someone pulled a few of them in the new STF). I stayed at 15+KM away from the cube and the fighters were all behind it, they never penetrated its shields. Every now and then the facing they were attacking would drop to yellow, or occasionally the phaser proc would disable the shields, but all 6 of them combined, their dps was just horrid. Other than the Klingon BOP pets and the shield repair pets, I just don't see any of them being worth the effort.

I'm not saying the pets need to be able to take on a cube while I sit back and watch, but they're hardly effective. Realistically, I would expect them to be on par with the equivalent player shuttles base dps wise.