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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Combat engines are the slowest engines. They are more efficient at 25 engine power, but most people have more power than that. I have 39/25 (I think this was what I tested it at, but it could have been lower because I had respec'ed at around the same time I ran this test), and I have compared the following engines (in terms of turn rate and impulse speed):
1) Omega Hyper-Impulse Engines - I had an Impulse Speed of ~24.8.
2) MACO Impulse Engines - Impulse Speed of ~24.5.
3) Jem'Hadar Combat Impulse Engines - Impulse speed of ~24.3.

Turn rate on the Omega Hyper-Impulse Engines are superior to the MACO and Jem'Hadar.

The turn rate on an Advanced Fleet Hyper-Impulse Engine [turn]x3 [spd] is greater than the Omega engines, while keeping the same Impulse speed as the MK XII Omega engines. It also has a Lesser Asycronous Warp Field, which is a similar ability as the MACO engine.

You can, of course, get the Advanced Fleet Combat Impulse Engine [turn]x3 [spd], but it won't be as fast as the Hyper-Impulse.

Most PvPers will tell you that Combat Impulse are the worst kind of engine to use in PvP. If it works in PvP, it'll work better in PvE (usually).
Interesting, the last time I played the Cap was at X Very Rare, so a lot of this is new to me considering how different the game is now. Thanks for the information. I have been trying to find a decent way to set my Tac Escort primarily to earn enough EC/Dil to get into the higher stuff.