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11-21-2012, 01:17 PM
You can't run turrets and cannons on Aux. Even if you get 3 aux DHCs fore, your aft weapons are still running on Weapons power, and you can't set them both to 100. Plus you've given up your subsystem targeting by packing zero beams.

As far as 'a Raptor to match the Armitage,' I guess the first goal of this sort of discussion is to decide whats on the agenda? Is it to create more cosmetic possibilities for the KDF? Is it to match Fed ships tit for tat? Is it to add more playstyle options to the KDF bench? Is it just 'he got one so I want one too' ? This particular thread was originally 'counter of the Vesta,' so that seems to suggest a multi-role science-leaning ship, jack of all trades master of none.