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First off Thank you for this guide. I plan on following it as best as I can. Which leads me to the one complaint I have with it.

Like every other guide I have found on the forums, it is layed out for max level cap, purple geared don't M.A.C.O. me slap you with a fish player.

What gear would a PVE grinding F2P user like myself use? I am an Engineer who can't seem to break away from his cruiser, although when I hit captain I am tossing around the idea of getting an escort with my promotion.
It's tough to understand what you're asking here. Do you mean what should you do while levelling? (In all honesty, the non-facetious, dead serious answer is, "Whatever you want").

If you mean what should you do once you hit 50, the million-dollar question is really just whether you intend to PvP or not. If you do, stick to your snoozer and she'll serve you well. If not, an escort'll always get you the best bang for your buck in PvE.

vids and guides and stuff

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