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Originally Posted by grymwyrm View Post
Like every other guide I have found on the forums, it is layed out for max level cap, purple geared don't M.A.C.O. me slap you with a fish player.

What gear would a PVE grinding F2P user like myself use? I am an Engineer who can't seem to break away from his cruiser, although when I hit captain I am tossing around the idea of getting an escort with my promotion.
In the latest update to the guide I have significantly reduced the dilithium cost for gear. Most of the suggested weapons are now available through PVE missions. I also included suggestions for an alternate deflector/engine/shield for the time before you can acquire the borg deflector/engine and maco shield.

For an engineer, a cruiser is a good choice for pvp.

For levelling (if you simply want to level fast) I suggest an escort with Dual (Heavy) Cannons, turrets and Cannon Scatter Volley. It really doesn't matter much what gear you have during levelling. White gear of the highest level you can equip is perfectly fine for PVE.