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Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post

Cmdr. Tactical - Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Beta I, Cannon Scatter Volley II, Cannon Scatter Volley III
Lt. Cmdr. Tactical - Torpedo Spread I, Attack Pattern Beta I, Torpedo Spread III
Universal I Engineer - Emergency Power to Shields I, Aux to SIF I
Universal II Science - Polarize Hull I, Hazard Emitters II
Ensign Engineer - Emergency Power to Shields I


2x V. Rare (purple) Conn officers that reduce the tactical team cooldown time
1x V. Rare Shield Distribution officer *optional
1x V. Rare Borg Warfare Specialist (Dlyrene) *optional
1x/2x V. Rare Projectile Officer *optional
1x V. Rare Warp Core Engineer *optional

Basically, the only manditory ones are the 2 purple conn officers. So you can cycle 1 TT1 with max efficiency...
xsharpex is basically suggesting that you spend tons of credits on "mandatory" conn officers so you can run Torp Spread I instead of a second Tact Team I. No, don't do that, just slot the second copy of Tact Team, you can use the one higher level torp spread and you'll be happier and richer for it.

But do replace one of those AP Betas with an AP Omega, possibly in the Cmdr slot (APO III). If you think you're damage output is weak, you'll find Omega makes a huge difference. And it gives you a critical tractor beam immunity in STFs.

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