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# 62 My Vesta Class tac setup
11-21-2012, 02:51 PM
Here is what I am running;

MK XII MACO Shield, MK XI Borg Engines & Deflector

2 DHC MK XII Borg Anti-Proton cannons, 1 MK XII Borg Qtorp launcher

2 MK XII Borg Anti-Proton turrets, 1 MK XII Fleet QTorp launcher

Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Field Modulator, AUX batteries


Tac- 3 MK XII Blue Anti-Proton Mag Regulators, Borg Console
Sci- Tachyokinetic console, Team Fortress console, MK XII Blue Shield Emitter Array, MK XII purple particle generator console
Eng- MKXII Blue Neutronium Armor, MK XII RCS console

BOFF slots:
Cmd Sci: HE 1, HE 2, Tractor Beam Repulors 2, GW 3
Ens Sci: PH 1
Lt. Eng: ET 1, EP2S 2
Lt. Tac: HYT 1, Torp Spread 2
Lt. Cmd Tac: TT1, CRF1, CRF2

I eat Aux batteries with the GW or HE a lot.

DOFF setup:
1 purple Torp DOFF, 1 blue Energy Weapons DOFF (Faster Cannon abilities cooldown), 1 purple Deflector Officer DOFF (GW and faster cooldown on Deflector stuff), 1 blue DOFF for Tac Team, 1 purple DOFF for Space Borg