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Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
Here is the build I had/have originally, from top to bottom:

  1. Anti-proton Beam Array; Chroniton Torpedo; Anti-proton Dual Beam Bank; dual Chroniton Beam Bank
  2. Full Borg Set
  3. Anti-proton Beam Array; Chroniton Torpedo; Temporal Disruption Device
  4. Sub-space Field Modulator; weapons battery; Shield Battery
  5. Rare Neutronium MK XI; Rare Neutronium Mk X; Uncommon Ablative hull Plating MK XI
  6. Tipler Cylinder; Field Generator; Field Generator; Shield Emitter (all rare MK XI)
  7. Tachyokinetic Converter; Assimilated Module; Subspace Jump

  1. Engineering Team I; Aux power to structural Integrity II; Reverse Shield Polarity III
  2. Tactical Team I; Torpedo Spread II
  3. Engineering team I (I know that's redundant - I'll change that to something else probably)
  4. Hazard Emitters I; Polarize Hull Plating II; Tractor Beam III; Gravity Well III
  5. Science Team I; Jam Sensors II

As for doffs, I think I had 2 rare shield doffs, a technician that provided +15 auxiliary power. I think I also had a Nurse that provided incredible crew recovery, and a rare projectile doff. (One, I think, might have been a Tholian warfare specialist; against borg).
At the moment, I haven't been able to sell anything, so I don't have the EC to buy what I need in terms of doffs.
let me recommend some station powers. first of all, no EPtS, and 2 crappy ET1. your not going to have much successes if you don't have EPtS on all the times.

TT1, TS2
EPtS1, RSP1, AtS2

JS1, HE2, TB3, GW3
ST1, TS2

this will basically do what your build does now, but better. should keep you alive better and allow you to attack better. AtS2 and HE with high aux will hep your hul healthy, and TSS, ST, RSP and EPtS1 will help keep your shields nice and strong.

with TB3, i would suggest 1 TB doff, wile the TB is on you will drain shields, against targets with little power insulators quite a bit. with GW, you should also equip a GW doff or 2. the other doffs can be BFI, or anything else you would find useful.
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