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11-21-2012, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by queue38 View Post
The only reason I think PVP should have the best rewards it is the hardest to be good at.

PVE is just keybinding everything to spacebar and then hitting the spacebar til everything is dead.

PVP takes some thinking and timing. but that is just what i think it should be. I bet it will be equivalent or very close.
I'm talking about the reward in the end, though - being equivalent. Not the effort to get the reward. Thus the X->Y->Z and A->B->C. One may have to do X for a longer period of time to get an equivalent reward as somebody doing A.

In the end, it's about not forcing somebody to PvP that does not want to PvP - much like folks that really do not want to PvE should not be forced to PvE. Whether a person wants to PvP or PvE, they should have an avenue for the best gear to do what they enjoy.

Making the best gear available through PvP would never happen (there are far too many PvE players for that to happen) - and - in the end, it would be no different than PvP folks complaining that they have to PvE to get the best gear.

Given the state of things, it's along the lines of not asking for better than what they get nor getting what they get faster.. it's about getting the equivalent based on an equivalent amount of effort.

Heck, I'd even lean toward it requiring slightly more effort - for no other reason than to keep them from AFKing to "earn" their rewards...