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11-21-2012, 06:18 PM
I've been playing since STO went F2P, and i only found out about the clickies 3 weeks ago.

I used them to max effect for just around a week and a half.

I didn't come to rely on them like others did. I did them in addition to everything else i was doing. but that said, dilithium is in short supply these day, with all the crap it is used for.

Dstahl has no clue what he's talking about if he thought leaving dilithium in STFs would result in too much in the economy. all S7 did was introduce a crap ton of new things that require dilithium. now i have to decide whether or not I get a new star base component(only 2 of us working on it) or whether or not i get some borg gear for my ship....

and since when does Starbase 24 give fleet marks? i hadn't noticed that and i did a few the other day.