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11-21-2012, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by vorga113 View Post
Here's a thought Dan, why don't you practice what you preach?

When the STF dilithium reward disappeared between Tribble & Holodeck, your response was to throw the development team under the bus. Do you think that's displaying good manners?

All the dilithium reward changes are supposedly there to rebalance the game and make it easier for the little guy but even after the STF climb down it doesn't feel like you've achieved this. Wouldn't it be good manners to explain exactly what it is you are trying to do? Such as "We're aiming for x dilithium per player per hour" and then back it up with a little hard data to show any progress towards that goal. And if you find you are moving further away from the goal, admit you are getting wrong, after all that would only be showing good manners.

You also annoyed a large number of people with the changes Doff system, wouldn't it be good manners to explain the reason for the change? From the outside it looks like a very crude attempt to further monetise part of the game. However if there was a real reason, a real problem to fix, if you'd shown some manners and explained the problem who knows someone in the community might have come up with a more sensible solution or at least been less annoyed about the changes.

And then we have Wednesday's patch which caused problems for a large number of players. Wouldn't it just good manners to apologise for any inconvience caused, when these kinds of problems arise?

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