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Originally Posted by darimund View Post
bleh risa in this game isn't risa. There are no horgons to be found anywhere on the planet. The risian natives are severely overdressed, and theres no hotel like structures.

Risa is just another cookie cutter planet hastily thrown together by the development team.
I always referred to it as Gilligan's Island, "No Starships, No Shuttlepods, not a single Ferengi".

If Risa was to get an honest revamp, I could easily see them making the cliff-side resort from Enterprise. In one hut you have your private quarters (in it's own instance), and you have other Starship Captains (with their own tales, perhaps some connected to the Foundry). As you travel to another, you might start seeing more unscruplous types like Ferengi businessmen who are haggling, then at the far side, you start getting to dangerous parts of the resort where you start running into dangerous criminal elements.

Along the beach, of course you got the beach with its tourists and Risan offering their services. And nearby you got the dance hall (that we saw Worf and Jadzia hide during the terrorist "assault").