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Originally Posted by kitsunesnout View Post
Seriously, this is crazy now with this new ability they have to get you even if you are directly below or above cubes, before this update we escort captains had the ability to play it smart and stay out of the torp firing arc which made these invisible one hit kill nuke torpedo's that are immune even to scatter volleys somewhat tolerable. No more is this the case and you are condemned to respawn hell if you are the one that has the highest DPS and get the aggro all the time!
not sure what your on about. the elite stf are so easy its a joke anyways. i hate to even pug cure because people keep insisting not to pop first cube. im still trying to figure out why. people keep acting like the stf are hard, or even some how elite. yet your asking for a nerf? i can still solo the tact cube in infected last stage to 50%. how are you setting up skill points? how are you setting up your ship? do you even spec resist?

can check out my spec. its pvp build but i can do a dual spec with torps and with ground built in as well. just ask. i also use 2 attack pattern doffs and 3 sdo. borg engines borg deflector maco sheild. cant really knock the borg hull heal. really the only good space item is maco sheild. sadly borg set is still the best even with out that nice sheild heal/resist.

also my attack mode is full power to weps get sheild power as low as it can be and push it into engines. same with aux. so high wep power high engines. thats why you cycle epts so you get sheild power boost. all sheild power does below 100 is give sheilds faster regen. at 100 and above is the regen and resist. tho i also thought below 100 is a resist but people said they checked numbers and math.