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Emergency power to engines:

Not as decent a speed boost as evasive manovers but you can use it more often. By using this skill and evasive manovers at the same time it is possible to move faster then some one at full impulse with the advantage of having no power drain.

In pvp having an extra speed boost can mean the differance between a kill and eating their engine trail.

In high end pve where your team has to split up, the extra speed boost lets you get to the other side of KA or Cure fast enough to compensate for other group members not doing
their job.

On one ocasion, when i was auto-teamed with some particularly bad players, I was able to singlehandedly take out all generators, transformers, the cubes that spawn and hold back the probes on one side of khitomer accord elite while the rest of my team did very little of anything on the other side. I credit this achevment, in part, to emergency power to engines, though a grate deal of luck was involved as well.

Emergency Power to shields:

Exactly what it says on the tin. Basic shield heal and resistance boost. Very important for PVE where a huge part of the damage done to you is kenetic, so you need to keep your shields up. Remember to keep using tactical team along with which ever shield heals you chose to use in order to redistribute your shield power to the facings that need it.

Auxilery Power to Structual:

Relativly quick to re-use hull heal. Also imparts a damage resistance bonus, which you probably need if your healing your hull. The amount of hull healed is greatly effected by your auxilery power level so it may be worth boosting this before hitting the button. The advantage of this skill over enginering team is that it wont start a global cool down on tacticle team.
I've been browsing around the forums, and I've found a lot of people using 2 tacs for BoP.
So I'm thinking about exchanging the ensign sci for a tac. please correct me
I just received this bug, i can't put any BO in any station. But here is the weird thing, i have all my abilities in my hot bar. almost as if all my BO are in the highest ranking station.
I'm using a tier 3 Bop, so all my BO can use 3 of their abilities! What do u suggest i should get?