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11-21-2012, 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Explain why the KDF won't like this.
Well, I'm not representative of the KDF. . .but I'll take a swing at it, from my perspective as a BoP/Raptor enthusiast.

You're continuing the unpopular trend of sticking 5 tac consoles onto a ship that maneuvers like a giant space brick. In my personal opinion, 5 tac consoles is a waste on a ship that will likely only use beam arrays. Why not stick that console layout on a raptor? That way, we can utilize those consoles to their max effectiveness because cannons are practical on raptors. That, and we can finally get an escort-level ship that matches the Fleet Defiant in raw DPS. Not to mention that the KDF has been needing more SCIENCE ships for a while now. . .I'd prefer we get a line of 'free' ones, but at the very least any new ship additions should be aimed at sci specialties.

If we were really in need of a big, badass tanking cruiser that doesn't maneuver well, this would be awesome. As it is, we get all we need from the Kar'fi (which SHOULD have a fleet version, but doesn't), Fleet Tor'kaht, Fleet Negh'var, etc.