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Originally Posted by artan42 View Post
Using the shipyard customisation window is better.
And the STO Sovereign is the FC version not the Nemesis or post Nemesis one.
I could use the shipyard customization... but it wouldn't matter... the ship shop works. It can be resized larger, allows for quick swapping between ship skins and doesn't mess with the camera. The ships stay in the same position and are kept at the same zoom. The ship doesnt need to be huge... just big enough to see the difference in size between them. And the ship store suits that perfectly. Plus theres a bit of a grid int he background that allows you to line the images up exactly so the differences in size can be compared.

Considering Nemesis took place in 2379 and the current year in STO is 2409/2410 its a much safer bet the assume that the Sovereign depicted in the game is the Nemesis/Post-Nemesis Sovereign and not the Sovereign-class circa 2373.