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11-21-2012, 11:58 PM
Originally Posted by aestu View Post
This is a proposal by a PWE employee to further squeeze players for cash. Simple as that.

The very fact such an outrageous proposal is being floated by a sock puppet shows that PWE has already made up their mind to do just this to remove alternatives to buying Zen. They'll do this, in the next few weeks, then point at this post and say "well players demanded it".

Also lol @ sock puppets with single-digit post counts. Do does any real player really think that anyone is going to hop on the forums and out of <10 posts they decide to talk about ways to nerf the economy and squeeze $$$ from players?
I sincerely hope its a PWE account, how sad would it be if an actual player was suggesting such nonsense?

Edit: The recent S7 debacles were clearly aimed at reducing Dil in player's hands, so its not out of the question some dev has taken it as his personal crusade to prove that the changes to reduce Dil really ARE somehow supported and that all the backlash was just a handful of crazy forum folks! lol. That's about the only way someone suggesting an account Dil cap would make sense.

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