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hey all, your old friend horizon here with another topic to discuss.....

what is it that defines what we want to do in battle? i like to do the damage, hopefully you guys see that.... but rarely do i get the rage pm's, or the "how the f did you do that" pm's when my healing is off the charts in my engie sci ship thats in a no name fleet......(and im keeping that a secret) vs Damian, my tac in the Critz...... who REALLY likes to have fun and kill bad guys.... right?

so, what is it that drives you?

for me, i am thinking very internally, what is my captain, and ship supposed to do in battle? and secondly, how can i best maximize that with my current team?

for me, and some of you may want to call bs on this, but those of you who know me know i fly very defensively. full shields and aux on my tac bug about 80% of the time.....

but why? why would CaptainHorizon as Damian fly fully defensively in most matches?

because i want my team to succeed!

if my engie cruiser is dead in the water... who is gonna heal me? *here goes a full aux tss2 and tac team from my tac bug*

if my sci sci is dead in the water......who is going to nuke the target i want to kill? how about a full aux hazzards 1 and a delta for you......


so, what drives you morally in this game? personal fame? notariety? the highest damage or kill count? best healing even?


for me, its the bond we form as teammates. pug or premade the same. the willingness, and drive to achieve what we are capable of.

win or lose.

where are you at? morally in this game?

have fun, kill bad guys


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