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11-21-2012, 11:37 PM
If I wanted to spend my time in player-developed content, then I would just make my own missions and know what I am spending my time on; I joined STO to get quality game play, which also means quality control by the people running the MMO. Foundry has become an excuse for not developing real content in the game (the job of the game designers at STO that expect us to spend money on game candy).

There are some good Foundry missions, but too many are just amateur game designs that are further undermined by a limited and flawed game mechanics (e.g., Boffs getting stuck in doorways, NPCs shooting through walls, an hour of play and the only rewards are a few minor consumables). Foundry should be an enhancer and the playerbases way of following up STO content that is developed for story telling and game progression.

Now with the new requirements to get the only useful reward from the Investigate daily, the encouragement to play Foundry may get some resisters to play, but I think afer just a few weeks that many will just right off that daily since it will take up more game time than many want to give to Foundry missions.