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11-21-2012, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
I haven't tried it since tribble, so i dont know about its current difficulty, but wouldnt it be better to keep it difficult?

You can grind omega marks from the other stfs, let the 2 new ones be for challenge, if people go for the optional on the two new ones, its more for the sake of, 'YEAH! got the optional' rather than 'oo more marks'.

Just my opinion ^^'

What i mean is, want marks and easy optinals do the first 6stfs, want a challenge (including the evil 1hits) than marks do the new 2
Didn't say anything about grinding Omega Marks, but I won't disagree about the challenge. But there is a difference between a good challenge and just mindlessly making mobs difficult to make it appear challenging.

Originally Posted by mikiiy View Post
Be careful with saying 'nobody' cause we've got the optionals already for the second time.. last time was just like yesterday. I'll agree with you tho that its tough, it needs a good healer (i recommend 2 actually, but i've done it already healing alone..) and i wouldn't go pugging it
That's the thing, if you need X ammount of Y Class to do a mission, then it's no longer fun.