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Originally Posted by lowestlvl View Post
As a foundry Author i have one thing to say towards the Foundry Players....

Put Up or Shut Up

If you think you can write the ultra badass mission then DO IT. until then wehn you play a mission even if its the crappiest mission on EVER. thank the author for their work, tip some dilitium, and go about your day.
If it is a bad mission then I won't play anything else written by that person, and if it is a good mission then I will give the player due credit (and some dilith), but I am not going to accept Foundry as my primary source for game content. STO needs to give the players content and stop using Foundry as an excuse. Besides, the biggest problem with Foundry is the limited mechanics provided to the player-authors that make some good stories seem mundane or poorly structured. STO... do your job.