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11-21-2012, 11:56 PM
Ship Loyalty.

I think one of the things we would all enjoy would be to command a ship from tier 2 up to tier 5. We still have no way to do that, it requires that we change ships many times and then have to "re-order" the refit at tier 5.

There's no ship loyalty in that. I suggest that we are allowed a single Fleet Module to upgrade the ship to tier 3, then another at tier 4 and again at tier 5. This would allow you to keep the same ship throughout the career of your captain.

Yup, I know that this would be less modules to use therefore less profit for Cryptic, maybe the different Tiers Modules would have different costs, I dunno.

I just thought I would throw this idea out there and see how it went


Edit: oh, and have you used Fleet Modules yourself?