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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Heh, you complain about the forums.. being full of complainers?

Well, firstly, if you had been keeping yourself up to date you would have known that it was probably a good idea to keep your EDC's and salavage the rest - unless you were above a certain level.

In either case dilithium won't help you level and with the low marks requirement you'd have to virtually not play at all to be short on those...

Yes the forum is filled with complaints, just like any other boards it's what discussion, debates and arguments are all for!

Someone wasn't happy with something and set out to change it, that's how anything ever got done in the entire history of communication.

And if you look a little closer you will notice the most dedicated people are also often the most knowledgable ones, as this here situation illustrates.
Well actually my beef with the forums and the complaining isn't actually with them complaining. They have every right to complain about such things. that's what sounding boards and forums are for. what I can't stand about the forums are things that are wholly off-topic or them dredging up complaints where they need not be.


CrypticDev#2501 posts " The long requested ship class in now in game "

RandomComment#2235324.5 post " and what about [ insert stupid off topic issue here ] and insights everyone to start gripping about said off topic thing. same with the facebook comments, but at least I can hide those for the most part.

My thread here was envisioned to be a place for meaningful discussion about the repeat bad choices that the Devs choice as their A-Game which leaves the player base feeling cheated or wronged they switch to Plan B which is less of a blow to the player base but still wholly unpopular and by the time they get around to Plan-C which should of have been plan-a right form the start. The faith and resolve of the player base in the game is so shaken that we're left with not recourse but to question it.

what reassurances can be offered to us the players no matter our status be it silver gold or LTS that such terrible initial choices aren't repeated and that such unpopular things like holding hostage our conversion packs until T3, making the player base feel like they are being forced to replay content to regain ( even with a conversion rate in place ) the rewards they worked hard for.

If they wouldn't of tried said tactic in the first place, I wouldn't of ever sold my EDCs/Techs and Salvage. and the waiting until a day before the change to announce the conversion rates, or leaving it the dedicated data miners of STOwiki to figure it out doesn't leave much for faith shaken players who love this game and only want to see it not only survive but thrive and flourish.. I want to see Star Trek Online be twenty season s or more strong and still full of amazing new things for us to enjoy... and I'll keep buying Zen when I'm able to support this game. and I'd even buy stock in PWE if I though it would help bolster support for this game.  1340247645
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