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11-22-2012, 02:00 AM
Well, first, what captain type are you? If you're anything besides tactical, you might as well give up on dealing the really big numbers.

If you use a science ship, at least one beam would be great, so that you can use subsystem targeting. With this, Viral Matrix would be good to disable your opponent's engines, preventing them from running away from your mines. Aside from that, if you really want a bomber, it would be best IMO to go with all projectiles besides that one beam. This is because you can then redirect weapons power into other subsystems. If you use torpedoes, equip projectile weapons doffs to reduce cooldown to global.

Also, I see a little problem with your engineering consoles. You see, as a science ship, the Wells class has somewhat weaker hull than most ships. Therefore, even with your shields still up, transphasics may be capable of killing you with enough of them through bleedthrough damage alone. Your lack of armour consoles makes that even worse, as most PvPers will mount armour to give hull resistance. Increasing weapons power is not going to make much difference in your damage if you are relying on transphasics. I suggest swapping out the Plasma Distribution Modules for Neutronium Armour. If you want more, Resilient-type shields such as the MACO will help with bleedthrough as well.