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# 23 cap for me is now around 10k
11-22-2012, 02:01 AM
they've effectively already done it. It's an unstated account cap.

I have 9 characters, I tried to play them all just to see. What I could do in around five hours before would take me twelve now. I'm sure the 100% purple doff people can keep a higher rate but I'm not at their level nor care to be. Most people can't play five hours daily, and I won't be able to either shortly with new work schedule.

They've killed the utils from alts. The diminishing returns after the 2nd and 3rd character are too prohibitive. The fact I have to do traelus again as an integral part of the routine kills part of my soul. scan-repair-upgrade-realign-patch-fall asleep in chair for 5 minutes-scan-replace-upgrade-initiate-scan-beam over... fight! pick up-call it in-do it again (many times when I wake up here, I log out)

The most I can stand now is spend five minutes doing lore/doff each character, pick one character to cap, maybe start a second. If I score a borg RA or Mirror I'll take it, otherwise recheck doffs and log. Just knowing how nerfed I am is making me do less grind than before I made all the seven extra characters. They basically followed me around and eliminated everything I did in game.

My poor Klingon is just standing around Q'nos exhausting her stack of contraband. I can't be bothered to drag her around sector space hunting freighters.
I spent hours reading the forums today instead of playing. Was more gratifying.