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11-22-2012, 01:08 AM
Thinking about what is, in fact, still "Uniquely Klingon", they really only have ONE type of ship that is "uniquely Klingon" in the game-as in something that the Klingons actually manage to DO better than everyone else.

Klingon Cruisers are Fat raptors, or Raptors are skinny Cruisers, take your pick (except the Bortasque, which is, to my eyes, a Klingon attempt at a semi-mobile Starfleet-style command post vessel, and the Vo'quv, which is obviously the real base-chassis for it.)

What Klingon designers and engineers build, better than everyone else, is the multipurpose special operations or "Raider" type ship.

aka the Bird of Prey, which does NOT function well in the stand-up, set-piece battle structure favoured by the Federation, Breen, Tholians, Cardassians, Dominion...what it excels at, is the assassination mission, the deep strike mission, the "I sneak behind your fixed defenses, and pull your underpants over your head before breaking your spine." missions.

Bird of Prey design and use, typifies the "Your fortress walls are no obstacle" type of tactical mission, the "Yes, you made it very hard to get in, now let me demonstrate to you how you made it even HARDER for you to escape."

For those that discount KDF's intelligence capabilities, think on thus: During the Dominion War, Federation intel had NO IDEA that the Cardies (any of them) were collaborating with the Dominion. NONE. KDF knew that people high in the Cardy government were compromised-and acted on that knowledge to the shock and horror of the blissly naive Federation. In STO canon, it was the KDF, not Starfleet or Section 31, that detected the infiltration and compromise of the Gorn Hierarchy by the Undine. this was not a fluke. A warrior who knows nothing of his enemy will be defeated, and the wind does not respect a fool.

Yeah, we don't have the best technologies, we don't have shiny, purpose-built elint vessels, but the Bird of Prey is THE special forces ship. It's atmosphere capable, stealthy, long-ranged, well armed, flexible, and effective.

And honestly, nobody else has anything that works in its mission set as well as it does, yet it works as well pulling combat-escort and strike missions as any 'superior', better armed and shielded, heavier hulled vessel out there.

all we really need, is a BoP with some minor improvements-these can be as simple as an improvement in build quality and systems efficiency. The Norgh (Fleet variant) and derivative Hoh'sus point the way here-we just need to get the yards following it.