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11-22-2012, 01:28 AM
Hrm... if there was an account cap (or rather, a lower one), and it had a noticable impact on the Z|D exchange rate? It'd make Dilithium more valuable, and I could get more Zen for what I do. I'd be perfectly fine with that.

Granted, that's me being selfish. I've only got a small operation running (1 fed, 2 kdf), and seldom hit the per-character refinement cap...

That said, I'm not sure if this would be the best way to do it... certainly, folks spending money on extra character slots, be it to alt or farm like nuts, is money for the game. I like the game, and want it to be too profitable to kill off (unlike COH ).

I'm a little torn. Of course, the inability to see unintended consequences is a big part of that :/
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