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11-22-2012, 01:32 AM
As a casual pvp player, I have to admit that 90% of the threads in the pvp subforums are overestimating some issues. Most of the time, it's just because they have to change their build because something changed, a new ship has been released, and they hate changing their old stuff and habits. If the pve forums is the kindgom of rookies complaining about supposedly OP borg ships and romulan warbirds, the pvp ones are the realm of moaning because your neighboor got a new toy that will affect your game experience.

There are critical bugs and issues, and they don't affect pvp only (the current doomsday machine bug, allowing you to slot 2-3 commanders is also pve related, mind you) but overally pvp is very playable as long as you're not willing to keep your 2 year-old build and willing to adapt when there's a new doff or a power change, even if it means giving up your super mega OP combo. Most of the time, pvp complaints are just "scis got a new doff/power/ship, nerf it now because i don't like not being able to do what i want to do on the map".

And it's not being anti pvp to say that hardcore pvp-ers are often overestimating issues. When i see improvements for a specific boff power, i'm trying to figure out how i could take advantage on it instead of complaining about it because i don't want to change.

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