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I think it makes sense. You want to have frontloading of rewards, so it is more fun to log in daily and get increased rewards for your char and the longer you play the less rewards you get. (like rested-XP, daily quests, etc)

But this makes the system vulnerable to alt exploits.
I think the biggest trick would be addressing that one word: exploit. I'm assuming there's some sort of time vs reward threshold the devs consider acceptable, and going past that is getting into exploit territory. I think it might be better to look at things from that perspective more than anything else.

There was another thread where I mentioned Paragon Studio's MARTy; it was a system meant to basically throttle back rewards if players went past a certain point in a short period of time. So, if you were earning enough XP to get to level 50 in three hours, MARTy would look at that, go "hey, that's too fast," and throttle back your rewards until it normalized. If you were on track to earn 100 million in currency (outside the marketplace), then you got scaled back. So on and so forth.

Something like that for Dilithium might be worth considering. Someone making 8,000k dilithium per character over several characters over several hours? No big deal. Someone making 100,000 dilithium in an hour (or whatever - just making up numbers)? That would need to be addressed/scaled back.

Granted, it was made to deal with exploit-level earnings, not highly-efficient players...
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