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11-22-2012, 01:55 AM
Here's the deal: roll up a Klingon and get a Bird of Prey if you want the Battlecloak!

Teh BC is the ONLY real advantage a BoP has-everywhere else, it's weaker than an equivalent role Fed ship (well, except manuevering, but what do you expect when your hull is about as tight as a runabout's? Runabouts turn circles around you in a BoP!)

Klink players in Ker'rat alpha -and- cloak because unlike even a two-tiers lower Fedscort, they don't have the HULL to tank out a one-on-one with your cruiser/Escort/Sci builds-it's literally the ONLY METHOD THAT WORKS ON THAT DESIGN.

Can you dig that? the Defiant, as it is, not even Fleet version, can reliably fight a stand-up, fixed-piece, attritional battle and come out of it intact. you can not DO that in a Bird of Prey.

not even the Hoh'sus, arguably the toughest of the current breed (and certainly the one with the best weapons consoles), even in FLEET kit, can manage a stand-up battle without the Cloak...which doesn't always work, and often puts the user in a bad situation (esp. when feds ball up and drop mines.)

What you're asking for, is to take an already powerful ship, with some of the best manuver stats, hull, shields and weapons in the game, and give it an advantage normally reserved for what is arguably the weakest and squishiest ship in the game, an advantage that is the only balancing factor FOR said weak and squishy ship.

Tellya what...Feds, you may have your BC, but we want something good in return-maybe immunity to Subnucleonic Beam and Tractor Beam Repulsors, or maybe immunity to Sensor scan in return, and immunity while cloaked to minefields.

THAT would make up for taking the only factor tha balances the BoP as a viable Player vessel, and handing it to people who've already got better ships in every possible way for a deep discount compared to KDF.