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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post

this is a torpedo boat build for ether of these ship

3 plasma torps, 1 beam array, tric mine, harpang

TT1, TS2

EPtA1, RSP1, EWP1,

ST1, HE2, FBP2, GW3


borg/khg deflector
borg/khg engine
borg/maco/khg shield


borg, tipler Cylinder, iso

4 particle generators

3 plasma torp consoles


2 damage control doffs, 2 torp doffs, 1 GW doff

FBP, EWP, GW, ISO, they all have thier damage buffed by particle gens, so you will want that maxed with this build. also a strong GW hold from graviton is recommended too. you dont need weapons energy with this build, but want max aux, and the rest into shields. this should set people very on fire, and deal a lot of shield bypassing damage. FBP2 should be a strong deterrent with that much aux and particle gens backing it, and GW3 and EWP1 will be excellent holds with thier own extra damage as well. with the tractor beam and grav well, a person should not be able to dig them selves out of all that plasma, early burning off of HE will likely doom your target.
very similar to SVRs new flagship just two things about consoles. If you have the ferengi lobi console that will up your kinetic dmg considerably, I'm very happy with the results so far.

In another thread some guys tested the effect of Tac consoles on the DoT from plasma torps/mines. Now i also was convinced that particle generators are the way to go.....but the former plamsa energy weapon consoles "ambiplasma something", so they say after testing, supposedly increase the dot. COuldn't do tests myself, yet, but this might be intersting if you have 7 consoles boosting your proc . Do the plasma torp consoles also boost DoT, i n know for certain that they didn't use to?

Full Maco goes well with this as well, the 3set bonus adds another kinetic dmg thingy
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