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11-22-2012, 03:41 AM
That is one annoying feature. Please undo it. "Numpadenter" as a keybind was always a feature. There is no reason why it suddenly should not be one anymore.

Also, now there are three ways to access buttons on the tray:
1. TrayExecByTray
2. UseTraySlot0...3
3. STOTrayExecByTray

The first one causes no Error Klaxon at all when you try to use an ability on cooldown.
The second one causes a single Error Klaxon to be played when you try to use an ability on cooldown.
And the newest one, STOTrayExecByTray causes TWO (2)!! Error Klaxons to be played immediately after one another when you try to use an ability on cooldown.

Seeing as the newest seems to be the new default, this is highly annoying. Please fix this too. Ideally default to the implementation of UseTraySlot, seeing as it is the more informative of the older 2. Whenever you do not want any feedback, you can still use TrayExecByTray (like when you chain some abilities and don't want to hear that Error Klaxon for each ability on cooldown).

In addition to that above, only STOTrayExecByTray binds will show the bind on the actual tray. This needs to be fixed too.

EDIT: Actually STOTrayExecByTray ALWAYS causes 2 Error Klaxons to be played, whether the ability is on cooldown or not. This is f.e. noticable with torpedo abilities (lots more though).

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