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Originally Posted by twam View Post
Other than the hangar issue, does it combine science and tac gameplay well? I'm pretty much considering it as an offensive ship for my scientist, and a science ship for my tac captain... For me, the cannons drew my interest, combined with the ltn cmdr universal slot. The hangar issues I could live with, if these other things were good. Fed hangar vessels are inferior to BoP's and Fer'Jai anyway, in terms of cool.

I could do most of the things I would do with the B'rel with the Hegh'ta, except from a sci/kinetic lurker approach. Which would be very interesting, but of limited value in PvE, I suspect.

I'm really enjoying the Far'fi, btw. Best buy to date. ^^
If you're willing to carry Aux or Weapons batteries it can do fine as an offensive science ship. I wouldn't worry about the Aux Cannons... its a novelty and gimps dps IMO...

If you run high Aux.. multiple cannons will hurt your science powers.. it will also affect any energy weapons you're running aft..

I'm doing on my Vesta what I did on my Kar'fi... power into weapons > shields > aux > engines.... I pop an aux battery for when I use GW3 and let my weapons and pets do the rest....

This is my current ship setup:

Fore Weapons: Chroniton Dual Beam Array, AP DHC (Borg), Chroniton torp MK XII(Purple)

Aft Weapons: AP Turretx2, Temporal Torp* (Cutting Beam)

Deflector: Maco Deflector* (Adapted Maco Deflector)

Engine: Borg Engines* (Adapted Maco Engines)

Shield: Borg Shield* (Maco Shield)

Devices: RMC, Aux Batteries, SFM

Eng Consoles: Neutronium Mk XII(Purple), Tachyokinetic Converter, Subspace Jump

Science Consoles: Field Generator Mk XII(Purple), Borg Console, Theta Console, Isometric

Tactical Consoles: AP Mag Regx3 Mk XI(Blue) (Working on purple MK XII)

Hangar Bay: Advanced Peregrine Fighter's (Considering Shield Repair Drones)

(*) Changes that will happen once I get my Rep high enough

and yes... the Kar'fi is IMHO the best carrier in the game...
I'll stop kicking that horse when the bugs fixed. Until then as a paying consumer, I will voice my opinion.