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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
actually, the word is that plasma energy damage consoles do increase the plasma dot on EWP and torps, maybe plasma energy weapons too. maybe i should edit that build and recommend plasma energy consoles, see this is what happens when i make theory builds, not ones i have exhaustively flown and optimized.

its almost worth building a super plasma beltching ship with that just so your dot is highest. for a wile now, i have been considering doing that, maybe when i can unlock the reman set. might make a post with the build later. it would have to be on a fleet ktinga, the closest thing to a romulan ship in game. 3 plasma DHC, and a plasma torp up front. 3 particle consoles and 3 plasma energy consoles. evil, the dot will be legendary.
Holy cow i think you just sold me on my first fleetship
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