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11-22-2012, 04:13 AM
I know you don't want to run DHC's, but it's really the best part of the battlecruisers. I would try this:

Commander ENG: EPTS 1, Aux2batt 1, RSP 2, EWP 3

LT ENG: EPTS 1, Aux2batt 1


LT SCI: TSS1, HE2/TB2(and just use miracle worker if your hull gets too low

Use the aux2batt doffs and have fun

If you really wanna go with a beam build, then just insert FAW or BO into the build and run all arrays.

EDIT: If you want to get pure epic lazor fire gfx from your ship, run 2x dhc, 1x dbb, 1x torp. Super sexy if you don't care about the min/max of it.
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