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11-22-2012, 05:16 AM
I have become less and less inclined to share heals and skills because of the number of players simply won't return them. In an escort I'm more willing to share tac teams or a HE because its much easier to get out of trouble if the enemy suddenly focus you.
However in a cruiser, to often (and i'm sure others have experienced it) you can send out multiple heals to different players helping them stay alive, and then you get targeted, subnuked, VMed and tractored, and you sit there with everything on cooldown and nobody on your team is even thinking of sharing their heals with you, often a Tac Team would be enough. Plus being less maneuverable, when you do get focused, its not often you can get out of trouble, plus all dem damn tractor beamzes on dem Danooobs holding everyone up.