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11-22-2012, 04:50 AM
Well, for me, it's a bit of tit for tat. I will certainly attempt to toss heals onto my teammates if possible (I always PuG anyway). However, historically, as an escort, my heals were generally on cooldown, and anything I had left would have a very long cooldown, such as Science Fleet or Team Fortress. However, given that my main is a science captain that simply cannot keep up in terms of damage, I've switched to Sci debuffing and some healing on the side. However, if I'm not getting any crosshealing, I'm going to start hoarding. It's not me being vindictive. It's just a matter of survival.

I PvP because it's fun and challenging to pit myself against others. To be frank, I am somewhat burnt out on PvE, except for the regular ISE once in a while, because it's very formulaic - standard enemies with supercrits and super HP. In PvP, at least, there are counters and strategies that people use, and that's what I find fun. However, having a reputation (if I had one) for fairness and skill would be nice.

In terms of broken stuff, especially Voldy, I might break out some P2W - Iso charge and grav pulse are my favourite tit-for-tat items. Also, anyone using the bug will find me making them a priority target.