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11-22-2012, 05:24 AM
I think it's likelier that we will be dealing with a telepathic virus.

Candidates include the Komar, Redjac's species, the Pah Wraiths. My hunch is the ancient lifeforms whose tech was found on Camus II.

That planet had mysterious radiation as well.

And the New Romulus Datachips I've gotten so far seem to hint at the presence of a telepathic predator. Logs full of Romulans with voices in their heads, going mad. There's a reason why the ancient Romulan settlers left this planet alone. I'm half expecting to discover celebium.

Of note is that the advanced species on Camus II died out... you guessed it... 200,000 years ago.

When the Iconians were bombarded. When the Borg became cybernetic.