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11-22-2012, 06:56 AM
Had a 'great' ISE fail earlier.

It was actually a pretty interesting fail in itself and started off fairly well.

However, when it came to dealing with the cube above the left generator, three members of the team decided to attack the transformers instead and, despite repeated requested, popped one of them before myself and the only other person, in a Patrol Escort, who knew what he was doing could deal with the cube. Needless to say, out swarm the nanite spheres. I attempted various crowd control tactics to slow them and high-tailed it back to the trnasformers. We managed to kill them and started on the generator. Sadly, whilst we did manage to get it down to about 16%, the nanites got within range and healed it before we could deal the final blow.

A few minutes of the failboats getting killed by nanite/regular spheres, and my lunchbreak almost over, I admittedly typed "this works FAR better when the team deals with the cube first and the transformers/generator afterward". Was called a jerk by one of the failboats and decided to leave them to it at that point. A one hour penalty is a tad meaningless when you have to return to work knowing that it'll be at least four hours before any possibility of logging in again!


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