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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I am afraid i cannot agree with most of the people here.
I think the picture of a vulcan girl wearing a cleavage heavy Starfleet esque uniform and a Starfleet Phaser looks just childish and cheap. Appealing to the lowest instincts of a male teenage MMO player...
On the other hand Cryptic is doing everything in their powers to repel more mature Star Trek fans with their designs and politics since this game started, so i was not surprised to see the "handsome phaser guy" being replaced with a little girl.

(Btw. strangely, Cryptic likes to advertise with the cobra phaser, but in game this weapon is a joke...)
You're actually in agreement with a "large part" of the people posting in this thread. (I'd say majority, but it seems they gave up, or just left.)

Even the slight change in the direction she's looking in that someone made on photoshop worked wonders. At least her face then made some sense ... But no, they'll keep this abomination on the front page, add it to the launcher, ...
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