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Originally Posted by lowestlvl View Post
As a foundry Author i have one thing to say towards the Foundry Players....

Put Up or Shut Up

If you think you can write the ultra badass mission then DO IT. until then wehn you play a mission even if its the crappiest mission on EVER. thank the author for their work, tip some dilitium, and go about your day.
Poor work shouldn't be rewarded, but critiqued so the author learns from it and can then go on to create better missions. Learning from mistakes and all that. I certainly don't offer tips or a high number of stars if I think the mission can be improved substantially, especially since I had to earn that Dilithium in the first place to tip it.

On the reverse though; authors should not take it personally if they get a review that isn't rainbows and gumdrops and doesn't come with a Dilithium cherry on top. Foundry Authors have stepped into a world of making works available to wide audience with varying expectations.
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