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Originally Posted by purvee1 View Post
So I brought the Vor'Kang in the sale to get hte Isometric charge console.

Then I thought of the Fleet Vor'cha, and figured I could splash out and get one, after all its only one Fleet module.

Well no, its still 4 Fleet modules. So what gives? I thought if you had the C-store ship the Fleet modules needed were dropped to 1?

Unless I missed something, or got the wrong end of the stick?
Vor'Kang is a tier 4 ship, and doesn't qualify for the discount. In fact there isn't ANY KDF ships that qualify for the discount. This fact has been brought up numerous times since S6 and tho the devs know about it nothing has been done to remedy the issue. I personally asked DS about it and he said they were discussing alternate pricing for KDF fleet ships but to this day nothing has been said about it from cryptic.

Sorry for the bad news.
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