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Originally Posted by pwstolemyname View Post
The Norgh Bird of prey at commander level does not fit into a comfortable progression path toward the Hegh'ta bird of prey because in order to make the most of its ability slots you must train skills at levels lower then you would train them for the Hegh'ta.

Your ability shopping list should include one hull repair skill, one shield repair skill, two tactical teams and as much DPS as you can fit into the remaining ability slots.

Bare in mind that there was a time when abilities of the same level would be on the same cool down. Many builds on the forum have not been updated to reflect the new flexibility this change brought.

To get the most out of the Norgh I would chose:

Tactical Lt Commander: Tactical Team, Cannon Rapid fire, Cannon Rapid fire,
Tactical Lieutenant: Tactical Team, Attack Pattern Beta
Science Ensign: Hazard emitters
Science Ensign: Transfer shield strength.

If I wanted to avoid re-training officers latter I would chose.

Engineering Lt Commander: Emergency Power to Engines, Emergency Power to Shields, Auxiliary to Structural
Tactical Lieutenant: Tactical Team, Tactical Team
Science Ensign: Polarize Hull
Science Ensign: Hazard emitters.

STO is very forgiving, you can effectively fly a ship in any number of ways and do well. My builds are efficient and competitive but if there is a weapon or an ability you want to use purely because it has 'cool factor' go ahead and do so. This is a game so you should make the choices that lead to the most fun for you.

I put together competitive builds that take into consideration not just the numbers on a wiki page, but my experience of how well abilities function in the game. (I have 30 boffs on my main character, every combination of abilities you might think of, I have probably tried). Many builds you see on the forums are pure number crunching. Which is important, but when all people look at are DPS and resistance values many useful abilities are ignored.

As to your bridge officer bug. It sounds like quite a nice one to have. You might be better served by keeping it under your hat then posting about it on the forums, you will only get it fixed sooner by doing so.

As i turned into a captain, i got a new ship. as soon as i changed to use the ship, the bug was gone. i am going to level up to 40 pretty fast, in 2 days i went from 20 to 30. I just wanna prepare all my BOs for the hegh'ta. I think im going to have 2 science, so i can 'tank' a bit more

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