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11-22-2012, 08:10 AM
Copying something I wrote in another thread.

My vote: Fleet K'Tanco Retrofit. There's no cruiser in the Tier III Klingon shipyard, an oversight I'd like to see addressed. I see the LTC K'Tanco in the non-fleet shipyard, and I like its design.

Some theoretical specs:

Fleet K'Tanco Battlecruiser Retrofit
Hull: 34,000
Shield mod: 1.0
Turn rate: 13
Weapons: 4 fore, 4 aft
+10 to weapons and engines
Dual Cannons
Standard Cloak

Commander Engineer, Lt. Commander Tactical, Lt. Engineer, Lt. Tactical, Ensign Science.
Five Engineering consoles, four Tactical consoles, one Science console.